Episode 33 – Racquet and String information for Elite Junior Tennis Players

Episode 33 is all about tennis racquet and string technology for high performance juniors. Our guest is Robb Julian; Robb is the Southeast Regional Manager at Technifibre. We discuss size, weight, and stiffness of racquets and when they are appropriate for elite juniors based on age, ability, and size.

We also discuss how parents can navigate all of the tennis string options available. What type of string a child should be using and how to progress through the offerings. We discuss which players should use Poly, Multifilament, or hybrid strings. We also discuss string tension as it relates to a child’s weight, height, gender, and size.

We have a supplemental document that goes along with our podcast. It has even more detail on racquet string and equipment. Click here to view the research study document.

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Click here for the supplemental research document – Link

String Notes from the Show (Technifibre Brand):

Multifilaments – player goal = 15 on court hours before a break for singles players; 30 hrs for doubles players

  • MultiFeel – least durable string
  • NRG2
  • NRG2 Black
  • X-One Biphase Natural
  • X-One Biphase Red
  • TGV

Hybrid-In-One Strings – player goal = 15 hrs for singles and 30 hrs for doubles players

  • HDX Tour – the string a player would move to after breaking TGV 16g in less than 15 on court hrs
  • Duramix HD

Polyester Strings – player goal = 8 on court hours for singles player; 16 hrs for doubles player

  • Black Code
  • Pro Red Code
  • Pro Red Code Wax
  • Black Code 4S
  • Razor Code – most durable string Tecnifibre makes

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