Paul Timmons – the future of the Transition Tour (Episode #40)

We talk with Paul Timmons about the 2019 changes to the Futures and Challenger events. Paul has done a lot of research on the changes promulgated by the ITF and ATP tours, and its effects on the players trying to break into the professional ranks. For us, this was an illuminating conversation on how these changes were misguided and are not serving the players well. Paul’s blog is here.

Listen here: LINK

We also talk about the realities of the tennis wagering (at 48:50).

Paul noted that it was important to support Dave Miley in the upcoming ITF Presidential elections in September. Many of the changes implemented by the ITF have not been well-received and the current leadership has not made the case for re-election. You can learn more about Dave Miley at his website – and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Jared Hiltzik on Tennis Channel

Follow on Jared Hiltzik and Karue Sell on Twitter for a player’s perspective on the Transition Tour. Below is a statement from Tennis Europe:

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