Episode 49 – Tommy Paul

We caught up with Tommy Paul at the 2019 Knoxville Challenger. We’ve been fortunate to see Tommy quite a bit over the past few years at the various Challenger events and the Western & Southern Open. Due to Tommy’s recent success, we probably won’t being seeing much of Tommy at the Challenger level in 2020. Tommy reached a career high of 79 in 2019, and is currently getting prepared for the main draw of the Australia Open.

Episode Link here or YouTube video below. Our link to photos/videos here.

We talked about Tommy’s development in Greenville, NC and his move to USTA in Florida. He told us how Coach Brandi (episode 39) tormented him and how TJ Pura (episodes 11 and 50) helped him with his mindset. We also debated the pro and cons of sliding, inspired by a comment on Alex DeMinaur’s IG:

This was a lot of fun – good luck to Tommy at the Australia Open and the rest of the 2020 season.

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